Our philosophy
Tailor made and full scope client service.

Working in practice
Each of our clients are being handled by a qualified accountant under continuous control and supervision of the chef accountant; whenever needed we can provide the support of an additional accountant.
Our clients are being serviced extremely effectively through this organization structure; its advantage is that all tasks are centralized in the assigned college's hand who is being held fully responsible for the client.
This working method is client friendly, why you have to deal with one person only.

Our services
- Keeping of records
  • single-entry bookkeeping
  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • entrepreneur under EVA
  • wage accounting
  • full accountancy of petrol stations (priority areas)
- Preparation of the payroll
- Preparation tax return form
- Audit (partners)
- Business consulting
  • accountancy issues
  • tax issues
- Legal counseling (partner)
  • company foundation
  • modification registration
  • dissolution of business
Eurodata Analysis
- Representation at the Tax Authority